Shoppsie finds money saving coupons while you shop online at your favorite stores.

Stop searching for online coupon codes. Shoppsie displays relevant coupons for the websites your shopping on, as you shop.


Coupons That Work

Shoppsie displays thousands of up-to date coupons and deals to our users and all of our coupons are provided by the merchants themselves.

You Pick the Promos

Shoppsie allows you to choose the coupon that saves you the most on your order. We don’t “automatically apply” coupons because next-day shipping may be more valuable than 20% off.

Our "No Bother" Promise

Shoppsie will only notify users by lighting up when there are coupons available for the website you are shopping at. No annoying popups or windows to close.

No Tracking

Be careful, other popular coupon extensions may track you and sell your shopping data to the highest bidder. With Shoppsie, your data is private and we won’t sell it to anyone.

Win Your Purchase

Cashback is so 2021. With Shoppsie, every eligible purchase made through the Shoppsie extension has a chance to get paid for by us.

A Lot of Fun

We make online shopping a lot more fun. Shoppsie helps you save plus gives you a chance to win! Your next purchase could be on us. Shop often and tell your friends.


Install Shoppsie and get notified of existing coupons as you shop online.

  • Install Shoppsie and sign up for a free account. Once you login your extension will get registered and will beging to notify you of coupons as you shop.
  • As a bonus and show of gratitude, all eligible orders have a chance to get paid for by us.
  • The Shoppsie extension is non-intrusive. Pin it to your browser and the Shoppsie icon will notify you by changing colors when coupons are available.
  • Shoppsie makes shopping online a lot more fun, plus it is 100% free to use.

Happy Users

Hundreds of coupons added daily.

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Find current coupons from thousands of advertisers using Shoppsie.

Stop wasting time searching through websites for coupon codes that don’t work. Shoppsie .

With Shoppsie, we notifiy you when promotions exist for the websites you are shopping on as you shop online.

Add To Chrome - It's Free

Committed To Transparency

Installing Shoppsie will request permissions from Chrome.

  • This message is generated by the Chrome Browser and is a valid warning.
  • The warning is being generated because our extension has declared it needs the "tabs" permissions.


  • The tab data we capture is the URL, specifically the website domain. We use this domain to check our database for valid coupons for the domain you are on.
  • The tabs permission also allows us to create a new tab when you choose a coupon. This tab will direct you to the promotions page the merchant has requested we send you to.


See what our customers have to say.

“I loved this chrome extension, I didn't realize it was running in background and suddenly it popped up at checkout page and saved me couple of dollars at the order submission page. Kudos....”

Akintoyeje Oluwatosin

“Just install app, one click and it saves you money by searching best price!”

Don Tosign

“Shoppsie always saves me money. LOVE IT !!!! You never know it's there but, it is always watching your purchases and counting your discounts for you.”

Mercy Amrae

“Saved me almost 10% on my order! Awesome!”

Johnson Exchange


Pick the promo that works best for you.

Other extensions auto-apply coupons which may not result in the best deal for you. For example, if you need your purchase tomorrow, expedited shipping might be more valuable than saving 20%. With Shoppsie you see all the coupons available so you can choose which coupon makes the most sense to use.

  • No automatically applied coupons.
  • You pick the coupons that bring you the most value.



Install From The Chrome Storm

So you know the extension code has been verified and is safe to use.


Register For A Shoppsie Account And Login

Logging in activates your extension and allows us to know whose purchase we might just buy.


That's It

Shoppsie lights up as you shop in the Chrome browser so you know if there are money saving coupons available.

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