Online shopping has never been more fun!

We pay for someone's entire online purchase every time we record 100 orders.

Our Features

Hands down the most fun you will have shopping.

Online Coupons

Even if you don't win you will save big time with our amazing coupons and discounts.

Get Your Purchase Free

We create a prize pool everytime we record 100 orders and one lucky user in this pool will have their entire purchase reimbursed via Paypal.

Amazing Dashboard

See your purchases in real time and which orders of yours we are paying you for.

Special Prizes

Some of our advertisers want to send you exclusive offers. You will only find these on your dashboard.

Our "No Bother" Promise

We made this extension to be fun and we want you to love it as much as we do so no marketing BS from our camp.

Open To Suggestions

Wish the extension did something we are not offering? Let us know and we will try to add it for you.

Thousands Of Advertisers

We work with a lot of advertisers which allows us to bring you the best coupons and savings we can find.


  • Coupons, deals, free shipping, rebates, gifts with purchase and more.
  • Updated daily so you don't have waste time searching for codes.
  • Thousand and thousands of offers from your favorite brands.
  • 100% free to you.


Happy Clients

Time Saved

What Makes Us Different?

Shoppsie makes spending stress free so you have the perfect control.

We post all the coupons so you can choose which coupon makes the most sense to you. Other extensions don't really show you why they applied a coupon. How do you really know that was the best deal if you can't compare for youself?

  • You choose the coupons that are right for you.
  • Thousands of offers to choose from updated daily.
  • Bottom Line: humans do it better.

We are proud of our work

We bring solutions to make life easier for our customers.


Purchases made


Account Growth


Customer Satisfaction

“I loved this chrome extension, I didn't realize it was running in background and suddenly it popped up at checkout page and saved me couple of dollars at the order submission page. Kudos....”

Akintoyeje Oluwatosin

“Just install app, one click and it saves you money by searching best price!”

Don Tosign

“Shoppsie always saves me money. LOVE IT !!!! You never know it's there but, it is always watching your purchases and counting your discounts for you.”

Mercy Amrae

“Saved me almost 10% on my order! Awesome!”

Johnson Exchange

Who Are We?

Shoppsie wants to make shopping fun by giving back to the people who use our extension.

We have been in the coupon space for almost 20 years. It started by listing coupons on a website. That was great but you had to know about us to use our coupons. Then people started posting fake codes that didn't work just to get you to click on their links. Some of these sites are still around.

After that sites started offering cashback but you know how long it takes to earn enough in commissions to get a $25 check. Plus none of that is fun anyways.

  • We make every purchase and entry into a sweepstakes.
  • All games are capped at 100 so you are guaranteed a 1 in 100 chance of us buying your purchase.
  • Your going to make the purchase anyways so you might as well have a chance to get it for free.
  • And there is no cost to you whatsoever.

No Track Technology

We don't track our users. A lot of other extensions track your internet usage. Sure you deleted your cookies but the click data you sent your current extension, that doesn't get deleted and most likely sold. Yikes!!!


Unbelievable Odds

1 in 100. It's that easy plus you can win multiple times a day.


Too Much Fun

Our users love seeing the winners names get posted. We hope yours will be our next winner.

Contact Us

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

2212 Queen Anne Ave N #309, Seattle, WA 98119

(206) 717-4500